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Red Dog Strategy

Red Dog Strategy! Well there isnít too much to say on that subject, but Iíll give it my best shot! With rules as simple as the ones for this game, the strategy is even simpler. You canít really have any less to explain about this, unless you want to talk about your strategy on the slots!

Well, you asked for it. Here goes:

When the spread is 7 or more, Raise!

Thatís really the best there is. I have never seen anyone who has even tried to say anything different as far as a red dog strategy goes. I hope you at least know what I mean by ďRaiseĒ. If you donít, you should read my red dog rules page. But if you donít want to, Iíll tell you. It just means that you double your bet for that hand. You only have two choices for each hand. One is to call, in which case the next card is dealt, and you see what happens. The other is to raise, and then the next card is dealt... and you see what happens. Hopefully you win!

Still want a bit more detail? OK. Donít worry, red dog strategy doesnít get any more complex than anything else to do with this game. The thing is: the player only has an edge when the spread is 7 or more. Thatís because with 13 cards in each suit, and a spread of 7, there are 7 cards that will give you a win, and 6 that will give you a loss. A spread of 7 gives you about a 54% chance of winning, and at a spread of 11 (the biggest spread there can be, when you stop to think about it), youíd have an 85% chance of winning. So thereís the best, and only red dog strategy there is. Raise on a spread of 7 or more.

Now donít get me wrong. Nothingís guaranteed, especially when youíre gambling, but if you stick with this red dog strategy, youíre more likely to come out on top. When thereís a spread thatís less than 7, the houseís edge keeps getting better and better as the spread gets smaller, so watch it at the red dog table!

I wish I could give you more info than that on red dog strategy, but there you have it. As Iíve already said, this is one of the simplest games you can find, and as you can see, red dog strategy is even simpler than the rules. All I can tell you is to go out there and have some fun. Be careful with your bankroll, or just play for fun, and you almost canít go wrong with this great game!

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