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Red Dog Table

If you came here from my red dog rules page, this is where you can see what kind of money you can win. Now, the red dog table isnít always the same for every casino, online or land-based. On this page, Iíll give you a reasonable idea of what you can expect when you sit down at a red dog table to play.

First off, hereís a photo of a pretty average red dog poker table:

A photo of a Red Dog Table Layout

The returns on your bet are based on the odds of winning a hand with a certain spread. So, as you can imagine, the bigger the spread, the lower the payout on your bet. Below is a chart to show you what you can expect at the average red dog table:

Spread Pays Odds of Winning
1 5 to 1 8%
2 4 to 1 15%
3 2 to 1 23%
4 1 to 1 31%
5 1 to 1 39%
6 1 to 1 46%
7 1 to 1 54%
8 1 to 1 62%
9 1 to 1 70%
10 1 to 1 77%
11 1 to 1 85%

So as you can see, the bigger the spread, the easier it is to win, but the less you win. If you take a look at my red dog strategy page, youíll see that your best move is to raise your bet when the spread is 7 or more. Thatís because your odds of winning such a hand are above 50%. Itís around 54% to be more accurate. Also, donít forget that if two cards of the same value are dealt, a third is automatically dealt, without the chance for you to raise your bet. If the third card is the same value again, you get paid at 11 to 1 odds! If not, well, itís just like any other hand you lose.

I hope this page on the red dog payout table has helped make things a little more clear. I know when I see a table or a picture it really helps me to understand whatís what on the red dog table. If you need any more help with all of this, be sure to visit my red dog rules page, and my red dog strategy page. Both of those pages will help you get going with red dog poker, and when you use this chart too, youíll really have a head start when you want to play this cool game!

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